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Fifteenth Place Studio





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Antti is the best engineer that have ever worked with and we have been in major London studios
— - Recording and mix client


Monitoring: Amphion Two 15 and BaseOne full range surround monitoring with Bryston amplification, Sennheiser HD600, HD25 and Beyer DT150 headphones

Media Playback: Roksan (Vinyl), Mimetism (CD), Sony (Tape), Class (pre)

Analogue Outboard: Thermionic Culture, Handcrafted Labs, Summit Audio, Roger Foote Systems, Crookwood mastering console, Folcrum analogue summing

Digital: Metric Halo ULN-8 interface and A/D D/A conversion, Crookwood A/D and D/A conversion, Avid Mix

Microphones: Nordic Audio Labs, Brauner, Sennheiser, DPA, Electro-Voice, Audio-Technica, Advanced Audio

DAW and Audio Software: Pro Tools, DSP Quattro, Reaper, Fab Filter, Waves, OEK Sound, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Nugen Audio, Sound Theory, Ableton, Adobe, Sonarworks, Twisted Waves, Melodyne, Output,…